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Updated: 28 February, 2012

About the Math worksheets


The worksheets are compilations of selected questions (in Singapore Primary Math) with suggested solutions. These questions and solutions are intended to show useful strategies for solving the math problems. Going through the solutions will give you a good understanding of some of the strategies available (besides "guess and check") to solve problem sums. You will then be in a better position to guide your child in math. You can even assess if a tutor is teaching your child appropriate strategies to solve the various math problems.


Each worksheet comprises two sections:

1.Reference Questions.
In this section, one question will be displayed on the screen at a time. Both the answer and solution (with explanation) to the problem are given. If necessary, additional notes are provided to elaborate on the suggested strategy. Simple questions will probably not have additional notes.

2.Practice Paper.
Here, you print out the practice paper for your child to practice. The questions will be similar to (or variations of) those in the first section. Answer sheets and solutions (with brief explanations) are also provided.

Comments and clarifications.
In addition to the solutions and notes given in the worksheets, you can also post your comments and queries about the questions in the "Worksheets" section here in I will try to answer your queries. I hope that you will also share your strategies for solving the problems here and help to clarify queries raised by others.

Viewing the worksheets

You need the worksheet reader "scmath.exe" to view the worksheets. Before purchasing the worksheets, please try out the worksheet reader to make sure that it is working properly in your system.

Thank you for your support.

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