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Primary Mathematics Syllabus (2001 - 2006)

Updated: 29 December, 2004

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The information below is from the document "Primary Mathematics Syllabus 2001" produced by Singapore's Ministry Of Education (MOE).

Primary 6

Mensuration Statistics Geometry Average, Rate And Speed
Ratio And Proportion Percentage Algebra


  1. Area And Circumference Of A Circle
    • identify and name the following parts of a circle:  centre  radius  diameter  circumference
    • use the formula to find:  circumference  area
      • includes finding area and perimeter of a given figure made up of the following shapes: (i) a semicircle; (ii) a quadrant (quarter circle)
    • solve word problems involving area and circumference of a circle
      • includes use of (to be
        or 3.14)
      • excludes finding the radius/diameter of a circle given its area
  2. Area And Perimeter Of A Figure Related To Square, Rectangle, Triangle And Circle
    • find the area and perimeter of a figure related to the following shapes:  rectangle  square  triangle  circle  semicircle  quadrant
  3. Volume Of A Solid Made Up Of Cubes/Cuboids And Volume Of Liquid
    • solve word problems involving volume of:  a solid made up of cubes and cuboids  liquid

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  1. Pie Charts
    • read and interpret pie charts
      • excludes use of degrees for calculation
    • solve 1-step problems using information presented in pie charts

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  1. Angles In Geometric Figures
    • find unknown angles in geometric figures using the properties of:  angles on a straight line  angles at a point  vertically opposite angles  square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium and triangle
      • excludes additional construction of lines
  2. 2-D Representation Of A 3-D Solid
    • visualise a prism and a pyramid from drawings
      • includes cylinder
      • includes the terms ‘prism’ and ‘pyramid’
  3. Nets
    • identify nets of:  a cube  a cuboid  a prism  a pyramid
      • excludes net of cylinder
    • identify the solid which can be formed by a net

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Average, Rate And Speed

  1. Time (24-Hour Clock)
    • interpret 24-hour clock
      • includes conversion between 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock, and vice versa
      • includes finding duration of time
  2. Speed
    • calculate:  speed  distance  time
      • includes use of the formula
      • includes activities for pupils to read, interpret and write speed in different units: km/h, m/min, m/s and cm/s
      • excludes conversion of units such as 10 km/h = ? m/min, and vice versa
  3. Word Problems
    • solve word problems involving average, rate and speed
      • excludes problems where rest time is involved in finding the average speed of a journey

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Ratio And Proportion

  1. Ratio And Direct Proportion
    • express one value as a fraction of another given their ratio, and vice versa
    • find how many times one value is as large as another given their ratio, and vice versa
    • recognise that two quantities are in direct proportion
    • solve direct proportion problems using unitary method
    • solve word problems on ratio and direct proportion

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  1. One Quantity As A Percentage Of Another
    • express one quantity as a percentage of another
    • find the whole given a part and the percentage
    • recognise that vertically opposite angles are equal
    • solve word problems
      • excludes finding percentage profit/loss

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  1. Algebraic Expression In One Variable
    • use a letter to represent an unknown number and write a simple algebraic expression in one variable for a given situation
      • excludes expressions involving a variable in the denominator such as
    • simplify algebraic expressions
      • excludes (i) expressions involving fractional coefficients; (ii) expressions involving brackets
    • evaluate simple algebraic expressions by substitution
    • solve word problems involving algebraic expressions

The above information are summarised from Singapore's Ministry of Education website at (link opens in new page)

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