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2007 PSLE Math paper - additional solutions

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Updated: 5 November, 2007

2007 PSLE Math questions

See questions 1, 2 and 3

In the previous article, I had shown three questions that were featured in the newspaper. However, it seemed that question 2 was over simplified. I've revised the question after checking other sources. I think that the question is now more reflective of the actual question in the 2007 PSLE math paper.

Question 2 (revised)

of the chairs in a hall were arranged into 18 short rows. Half of the chairs were arranged into 7 long rows and the rest stacked up. There were 16 more chairs in each long row than short row.
a) What fraction of the chairs were stacked up?
b) How many chairs were arranged in rows?
(5 marks)

Question 4

Peter saved some $1 coins in the months of May and June. His mother gave him $0.50 for each $1 coin saved in the month of May. Including his mother's contribution, Peter saved a total of $195 in May and June. This was 30% more than his usual savings. How much did Peter save in June?
(4 marks)

Question 5

Karen, Lena and May shared some stickers in the ratio of 3:1:4. After May gave 40% of her stickers to Karen and Lena, Karen had 90 more stickers than May and the number of Lena's stickers increased by 70%.
a) What was the percentage increase for Karen?
b) How many stickers did May have at first?
(5 marks)

As before, you may wish to try out the questions yourself before viewing the solutions in the next page

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