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2007 PSLE Math paper - some solutions

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Updated: 23 October, 2007

2007 PSLE Math questions

Question 1

Shop A has 156 kg of rice. Shop B has 72 kg of rice. After both shops sold an equal amount of rice, the ratio of rice that shop A has to shop B is 4:1. Find the amount of rice sold by each shop. (3 marks)

Question 2

Note (5 Nov 07): The question here (as featured in the newspaper) is simpler than the actual PSLE math question. The revised question 2 is shown in the "more questions" page.

of the chairs in a hall are in rows of 13. Half of the chairs are in rows of 7. There are 112 more chairs in rows of 7. The rest of the chairs are stacked up. Find the total number of chairs. (5 marks)

Question 3

Tank A is filled with water to its brim. Water is then poured from Tank A to Tank B until both share the same height. What is this height? (4 marks)

psle question

These questions were featured in the SundayTimes (October 21) with the following comments:

  • Retired Teacher: "I took 19 minutes, or 14 per cent of the total time, to complete the three questions. Unlike pupils who took the exam, I was not under any pressure and worked... with a calculator."
  • Former Top PSLE pupil: "These are rather straightforward questions."
  • Primary 5 pupil (brother of the above Top PSLE pupil) who solved the three questions in less than 20 minutes: "I've been exposed to this type of questions in school, so solving them was not a problem. I'm quite surprised so many Primary 6 pupils cried after their Math paper."

Pupils taking the PSLE Math paper are given 2 hrs and 15 mins to answer 48 questions (format of PSLE math paper). Of the 13 structured/long-answer questions (3, 4, or 5 marks each) some will be aimed at the brightest pupils. Pupils are expected to show their working steps for these questions. Given the time constraints and the number of questions to complete, do you think the questions are too tough for the bright pupils? Try solving the three questions above (solutions on next page).

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